About The Authors

Kevin and Kristen met in high school and have been studying science together ever since – completing a combined seven degrees in post-secondary education. Outside the laboratory and hospital, Kevin and Kristen love spending time with their curious daughters and their energetic dog. They enjoy keeping active with sports and exercise, expressing creativity in baking and cooking, relaxing at the cottage, and cultivating their passion for travelling. Most of all, they love sharing these hobbies with their girls.

Dr. Kevin Boldt

Kevin Boldt, PhD, a researcher and educator focused on understanding how the body adapts to exercise and diet, seeks ways to enhance these adaptations to improve health and optimize performance. He has instructed courses ranging from exercise physiology, biomechanics, professional kinesiology practice, and research methodology. His work has been widely published in academic journals, he has co-authored two textbook chapters, and he is the author of Superhero Physiology. www.kevinboldt.com www.superherophysiology.com

Dr. Kristen Barton

Kristen Barton, MD, PhD, is dedicated to helping patients reduce chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis. A competitive athlete in her youth, she underwent several knee surgeries. Recognizing that these kinds of injuries commonly lead to chronic pain and decreased mobility, Dr. Barton was motivated to pursue a career as an orthopaedic surgeon-scientist. Her research focuses on understanding the impact of osteoarthritis progression and providing patients with innovative tools for bone and joint health. www.kristenbarton.com www.jointmanagement.ca
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